We have created a formula to help Consultants and Small Business Owners get out from under the daily grind of their business and in front of it, where they belong. Allowing you to build your brand and business, attracting the projects you want to work on.

There is no magic pill that will consistently feed you the opportunities you want to grow your business. Anyone telling you otherwise, RUN!

It’s pretty easy for a typical “agency” to up-sell a hands-free, DFY (done for you) business solution. Most are doing that right now, cold call after cold call. It’s tragic really because they’re creating a business clone army without any differentiating factors.

That is short sighted. Massively.

Sales Biology Formula

If you are not invested in your business, how can you expect a third party company to be? They don’t have your IP from years of experience.

At Sales Biology that’s not how we operate. We work with you personally to extract the value from your experience so companies are asking for your attention, instead of you desperately shouting from the rooftop.

Think about how much pre-engagement you are doing right now, giving away your hard built Intellectual Property in hopes of attracting a high value client. All the while, a dozen other companies are going to be doing the same thing to that same potential client. Creating a rat race giving the farm away just for the chance of working with someone. That’s an expensive way to operate and attract your ideal clients.

Let’s change the narrative of your business, together. A big part of how we help consultants and small business owners is by pushing back. Asking questions. Challenging your normal. If everyone always tells you “Yes!” that is not advantageous to your business growing. It’s complacent and keeps you in a holding pattern. Probably the holding patten that led you here to this page.

How do you fix this cycle of giving away high value IP for what ends up being lost prospects or low paying clients?

You rip the entire process apart, piece by piece, reverse engineering everything with your target market in mind. That’s our secret sauce at Sales Biology.

We rebuild your position to the marketplace so you are ATTRACTING clients instead of CHASING them.

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Think of it as a first date. We get to know each other and see if personalities mesh while discussing your overall goals and current plan. If we both want to proceed, great, we will schedule a second call for a deeper dive.

If not, no harm done and we’ve both met someone new, growing our existing networks.