It starts with Strategy, but you need a team to implement it.

Crafting a new formula for your business is akin to opening Pandora’s Box. How the hell will you implement it all? Alone? You won’t. That’s why our team covers all the bases.

It takes a village.

We are big believers of ‘core competency’ here where people work on what they love to do. It gives the client better results, and keeps the person working on your project in their happy zone.

Knowing your project isn’t tied up on one persons plate is also a huge relief. Companies need redundancy, and at Sales Biology we’re no different. It also allows us to work swiftly when an in-the-moment event happens for your business.

  • Strategy Manager to Quarterback the entire process
  • Writers to help craft your messaging
  • Marketing Automation experts to build an empire
  • Researchers to help with tactical positioning
  • Graphic Designers to make it look pretty
  • Web Developers so your domain rocks the competition

Our team is led by International Sales and Marketing leader Steve Lichtman

Hi everyone, Steve here. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for visiting the website, our social media accounts, and being a part of all things Sales Biology. This is an ongoing culmination of 2+ decades of work.

From the depths of IBM PartnerWorld’s call centers and marketing design meetings, running a family B2B telemarketing business, private coaching clients, and delivering for one of the biggest global business authority platforms. Here we are. It’s been an amazing road with fantastic people along the way.

In case you can’t tell from the photo, I don’t really do headshots. I’m a family man and my beautiful wife and daughter are the reasons why I’m working hard for you every day. Without them, none of this is possible. I honor that here. You can always see a curated headshot on LinkedIn if you want to connect with me there.

My wife Kim and daughter Alyssa at ZZ Tops 50th Anniversary with Cheap Trick

Some Of Our Clients


If you are looking for someone to give great and up to date sales and marketing advice in this technological age then don’t go past Steve Lichtman.
He helped me and my organisation for 18 months come to grips with a very wide range of technology and social media to enhance our marketing message. I could not recommend him more highly.

Mark Oliver – CEO
MarkTwo Consulting


x – CEO